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Monday June 6th 2005
Retards At Work 2:47 am-
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The internet is down here at work. It’s down at least on the computers behind the front desk. So my only chance to get on the net sits in the still vacant front desk managers office. Of course I’m going to pop in there every now and then to check email and see how the site make over is going. I still don’t know if I’m keeping this new look and the system that powers it. I’ll decide later on.

First thing I do is take a look at the condition of the computer. The thing runs like shit. It is obviously full of spy-ware and viruses. I try to download AVG to clean it up. Except I can’t download shit. Some security warning pop up appears every time I try to download a file. So I run the piece of shit McAffe Virus scan. Below is the results:

Retards at Work

What good is an anti virus program if it doesn’t get rid of viruses? What good is it I ask? This is software that these idiots here at work have payed for. I expect a product to work if I’m going to buy it. And why use something I have to pay for when I can use something that works even better for free? Not that I really give a shit, it’s not my computer.

I guess it’s just the idea of how stupid people can be. 7 goddamn viruses and countless number of spy-ware was turned up by the virus scan. How ignorant can people really be when it comes to the internet? I guess I take for granted what knowledge I have about these matters and I expect everyone to know this information.

I have to let this kind of thing stop surprising me. In fact I would wager every computer in this hotel has viruses and spy-ware. Well every computer except for the one I use. I only really worry about that one I use. I’ll purge some spy-ware now and then when it gets bad. But for the most part the only pc at work I will use is the one at the desk that I have made sure that these fucking heathens here do not contaminate.

Every time I use another one I feel like washing my hands. I’m developing a phobia maybe regarding all this virus/spy-ware shit. All I know is I hate having to use another pc here at work. In fact this post here I wrote in notepad on the only clean pc in the hotel. I’ve typed it all out and saved it to a floppy disk and only briefly fouled myself to get this posted on my site. I’ll be glad when the net is back up and running here at work. Man what a long night it will be.

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