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  • Thursday May 2nd 2002
    The GuestBook 2:27 am-
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    Just filling in tonight because Turk is at work. Turk isn’t supposed to write about the place while he is at work. It’s ok if he writes nasty shit when he isn’t at work though. Makes no sense. These slippery fucks are a little more reasonable than those last bunch of assholes. Anyway enough of my commentary on the hotel I previously worked at.

    Turk called to tell me to do this post because there was a juicy GuestBook entry. Someone who has decided to go the chicken shit route had this to say in the GuestBook:

    Name: ……. …….
    Email: ………
    Where: the man himself
    Date: May 01, 2002
    Time: 08:55 PM

    My concern with the hotel is how they treat their workers….now back in the day they seemed to treat them pretty good by giving days off with promise of vacation time and raises….yet after over a year i have yet to see a raise and my vacation time has been ripped out of my hands….why u ask?…..because only full time who average 40hrs. a week can get it….so whats this policy trying to say the part timers are with shit and do no work so they do not deserve any comp. for their hard work…. Now with the raise usually people are suppose to get them around 6 months so by my calculation i should of had just about 3 but yet i haven’t seen one….hmmmmm thats telling me my “bosses” must think what i do is total bullshit….. Now to bring up the past month or two…..can i ask you people if u have been working some where for over a year and someone from another dept. comes in and your sch. starts getting based on whats convenient for them and not you….even though it doesn seem you would have the upper hand because of how long u’ve been in this job and all you know how to do?….but YOU DON’T…..your sch. getting bounced around out of control to fit his sch. and not yours…..hmmmmmmmm is this right no no i dont think so…. My last comment is if i could kiss my bosses ass and maybe even throw in a little tongue then sit on my ass and not do my job….maybe just maybe i could get the upper hand in it all….

    Now I shouldn’t call this no-name a chicken shit. The way it reads this person works there at the hotel. I think it’s cool that you have the balls to say something. Because I know for a fact a lot of the people who work there are week kneed corporate shills.

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    May 2002
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