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Tuesday December 20th 2005
Idiots! 8:26 am-
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I’ve called someone an idiot on the internet. Shame on me. I called someone who works at the same hotel as I do an idiot on the internet. What they forget is that (besides two or three other individuals) I think everyone at that hotel is an idiot on and off the internet. In this day and age I’m the bad guy for having an opinion. For you idiots in the crowd (that’s right all of you!) an opinion is:

A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof.

Or as Harry Callahan says:

Well opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.

When I called that idiot an idiot it’s just my opinion. I’m not telling any of the other idiots to think that this idiot is an idiot. I leave that kind of thing up to the idiot themselves to figure out. Believe it or not the world is full of idiots. It’s scary I know. It’s just something we idiots are going to have to deal with. And it’s important to remember that I am an idiot. I will admit it to any of you idiots any time you ask.

To the idiot in question I offer this humble apology.

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