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Monday October 24th 2005
No Time Off 4:19 am-
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You know how normal people with jobs get vacations? Well here is the fucked up thing at the hotel. I get paid vacation, two weeks since I’ve been there forever. Sounds great right? Well here is the fucked up part. I can’t take my vacation because they have no one to cover my time off. This is what the Sheriff told me the other day.

Which really sucks. Because right about now I could use two weeks off. It’s getting to the point that instead of two weeks off it’s going to be two weeks notice. I just think I’ve had it up to here with the retards at work. The Sheriff needs to start acting like a fucking front desk manager. No one to cover a shift? Well I got news for you Skippy it’s your job to cover that shit. Be it first, second, or third shifts.

What the fuck would the Sheriff do if I quit? Sure the majority of the time I talk about quitting I’m full of shit. But in this hypothetical situation what would he do? I’m under the impression he’s not all that happy to be a working manager. I think he may be another one of those people who think a manager should sit in their office all day. It’s something I’ve given name to. It’s called being a Munson. And honestly that’s the worst thing that you can be.

Front desk manager my ass. We haven’t had a real front desk manager for years. The one guy they wouldn’t actually give the title and position to came really damn close. But he got burnt out on their bullshit and left. Which is really to bad. Because now we deal with the likes of the Sheriff and his ilk. Brethren that just can’t be done away with. I swear these fuckers grow out of the fucking woodwork. All seemingly having ties to one another.

Want an example of what I’m talking about? The schedules. The Sheriff has a damn time getting this thing out on time. I could quote some law about having it out a certain number of days beforehand. But what does it matter. Here’s the little note on the current schedule:

If the numbers don’t improve, I may ask you to leave a few hours early or come in a few hours late as I cover those hours.

Excuse for being all confused by this, but isn’t this the opposite of the purpose of a schedule. I work what I’m scheduled. No more no less. If the Sheriff want’s me to leave early or come in late schedule it that way. To me it’s the whole reason there is a schedule. So I know when to come in and when to leave. Fuck this guess work bullshit. I would recommend the desks clerks stick to their scheduled time. Lazy fucking management is what this is.

I have an idea how about tonight I come in two weeks late? Shit this may just be a good idea yet.

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