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Tuesday October 18th 2005
Cake/Pie WTF? 12:30 am-
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This post is about a half eaten piece of cake/pie (whatever the fuck it was). Since I can’t hear this shit from the individual (yes you) I figure they can find out stuff from other sources as well. Of course it is my site so it’s just as good as coming from me personally.

I was told yesterday when I came in (by the only good front desk employee we have) that I was accused of throwing away some kind of baked food the night before. I’m told that the person bitched for a rather long time about me and this baked good I supposedly had done away with.

So for the record here is what really happened. I came in to work like any other night. I had my twelve pack of Diet Mountain Dew with me as I always do. The twelve pack is placed in the fridge in the back of the front desk where I always put it. Now anytime I find shit left in this fridge I take it out of the fridge and place it on top of the fridge.

I do not clean up after lazy front desk clerks. So any shit I find left behind I leave it where I find it. For example plates of food that certain individuals are supposed to take back to the kitchen after they eat or in this case a fucking half eaten piece of god damn cake or fucking pie or whatever the fuck it was.

That fridge back there is not yours. It’s not mine for that matter. If you leave shit in it your just asking for it to go and vanish. It’s rather inconsiderate to think that just because your fucking cake/pie is in the fridge I’m not going to put my pop in there. I like my pop cold. Pop goes in the fridge. It’s very simple. You see me come in every fucking night with the twelve pack?

So I expect an apology. Because the last I saw this piece of cake/pie it was sitting on top of the fridge. So the accusation that I threw it away is false. Not that I really give two shits if some front desk clerk says. I don’t give two flying fuck if the person apologizes either. This incident is just further proof just how little the Sheriff is really doing to change the place.

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