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Monday April 7th 2003
Work Morale 11:31 pm-
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About a week ago they took away the computer I used. Granted when I say I used, I mean the computer I played on. There has been no work related use of that PC for a long time. Of course that’s not saying having that PC didn’t affect my work performance.

Which is something this brain trust at the hotel doesn’t care about. Morale. My morale is low now since the computer moved to sales. And I’m only talking about the state of my morale. I don’t give a shit about the rest of them. And again this morale issue isn’t something the present regime at the hotel gives a shit about.

Because a happy me is a better employee. Of course right now I’m not happy. It works like this. They do me a favor, I do them a favor. And for this to work they have to do me a favor first. So as it is right now I won’t do them any favors. Life is tough.

Which also brings me to what I refer to as my time/their time. I’m on their time when I’m at work and punched in. My time is any time I’m not punched in and at work. From now on if they want to talk to me, the have to do it on their time. My home phone is turned off. I don’t need it any more. I only had a phone to get on the net. And since I got the cable modem, the phone is no longer needed.

And when I’m on my time I got no time for them. It really is as simple as that.

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