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  • Monday July 22nd 2002
    The End Of An Era 2:31 am-
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    Well all good things come to an end. Sometimes even all bad things come to an end. This is a case of the later. The people who stepped in to manage the place when the Old Owners dumped us have went the way of the dodo. To commemorate this event I have thrown up a page that chronicles this time of the hotel.

    The bottom of every page had a link the their pathetic website. This has been removed. I’m going to give the link one last time and then it won’t be mentioned again. It’s a joke that doesn’t have a punch line any more. And I hate having to explain a joke. In their time at the hotel they had two managers that tried to direct the hotel to something better. Tried is the operative word here.

    The first guy who was in charge had a saying that he always referred to. “Tools to do the job.” This was always mentioned when ever you would ask a question that the guy couldn’t answer. That and his pathetic football references. It goes without saying that as a person in charge I had no respect for him or his so called expertise in this field. The brits have a word for a guy like this. Wanker.

    The second was a different story. The Dude as I called him was the first GM to openly come to the site (I only say this because I know for a fact the putz before the Dude viewed the site more than once). To this day I still don’t know what I thought of him. I think he was ok. He gets points for coming to the site and not giving me shit for it. At least that I know of. That’s the problem with these types of people. To your face they could act like your best friend. Behind your back is a different story. In the end it doesn’t really matter.

    It all comes done to my “me vs. them” way of thinking. I admit that this is a bad way to handle the people I work for. It’s just the way I am. The only thing about this whole period that brings a smile to my face is the rumor I was told by a former F&B. I was told that the last three GM’s were under orders to fire me. The fact that I’m still here and they are not does bring a smile to my face, true or not.

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    July 2002
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