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Wednesday February 27th 2002
The Talk 11:13 am-
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So I had a talk with the guy in charge last night. This was the first time anyone there asked me about my site. This is the first time “they” even admitted to coming to my site. I was simply asked not to write about the the hotel while I was at work. No threats. If I want to at home well that ok. The direct quote out of the horses mouth was “it’s a free country.”

Which I guess I didn’t know that. Man it’s a free country. Well that’s cool. Here all this time I thought I had been breaking the law or something. Well now that this free country thing has been brought to my attention it’s a whole new ball game.

Now that I have the sarcasm out of the way, I can tell you how I really feel. This is all that “they” ever had to do. All I wanted was some communication. Sure I think it slightly illogical to say don’t write bad shit while at work, but if I’m at home well then it’s ok. All “they” had to do was talk to me. Talk to me in a civil and polite manner. I will even honor the guys request.

This guy has some points with me now. His approval rating among angry sarcastic Hotelblues.com webmasters is sitting at about 71.8% right now. That’s more than any other GM has got. The fact he was talking openly about visiting my site gets him points. Man no one before ever would admit they ever looked at my site. He asked me if I have issues to talk to him before I write about it. The man gets a few more points. This could be love.

So everything is honky dory right? Well not really. The old “trust no one” X-Files saying is still burnt in my brain. I still plan to take advantage of this “free country” thing he mentioned. I don’t think “they” would fire me again for the website. No “they” will think up something new. If it comes to that. I for one hope it doesn’t have to come to that. Time will tell, it always does.

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