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Wednesday October 5th 2005
The Recap 12:27 am-
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It’s been a long time since I wrote about the hotel. I’ve only briefly mentioned that there is a new front desk manager. I wanted to take the time to bring everyone up to speed on what’s going on. Because I’m thinking really hard about what my future holds at the hotel. And to be honest I want out of the place more than I ever have.

So let’s start with this front desk manager. Like his predecessors this guy never felt obligated to meet his employees. It was four or five days until I even met the guy. Which I have never understood about these people that come in and don’t make an effort to meet their employees. Then the guy schedules a mandatory meeting on payday. At the time we actually get the checks. So right off the bat this guy is going out of his way to inadvertently rub me the wrong way. These items I have mentioned before and I just wanted do the recap.

On the day of the meeting I go in a hour early. Because I was either going to get my check then or I would come back in a hour and get my check and not come back to the meeting this guy scheduled. Needless to say I got my check. I also introduced myself to the guy. Because it was obvious that he didn’t give a shit to meet me. I had the opportunity to tell the guy some of the things I felt were wrong with the front desk. The exact thing I said to him was that the front desk was like a western town without a sheriff. It was in chaos and everyone did what they wanted because there was no law there. I told him that it was my opinion that he had to step up and make sure they all understood he was the new “sheriff” in town.

And to my surprise the guy actually used this metaphor in his meeting. He mentioned to the front desk that he was the new sheriff in town and that his word was law. I thought it was neat little gesture on his part. But it also meant (to me) that he more or less promised that he would do the job the correct way. That this chaos that had befallen the front desk would be put to an end.

Here it two months later and what has changed? Nothing has changed. The new sheriff in town isn’t worth the tin in his badge. Things are still wrong as chaotically as before this guy came into the picture. The front desk clerks do what they want. There is no consistency in what they do. Which is funny because the guy went on in great lengths about how the front desk has to be on the same page. That everyone has to follow the same procedures. And it’s just not happening. And the sheriff? I don’t ever see the guy. It’s kind of hard to be the sheriff when your never there.

And let me also touch base on some of the other issues I’ve mentioned in the past (and some I haven’t). When I was “interviewed” for the front desk manager job it was mentioned that extra duties would fall on the front desk manager. The gm was very cryptic about all of it and would not spare any details. The usual cover story was given to me that he didn’t have all the details himself. So as it turns out the front desk manager is doing two jobs for the price of one. Which I think is foolish if the rumor is true that the sheriff makes under 20 a year. I wasn’t really excited at the idea of more to do and I was offered 25 a year. So it makes me wonder about the new guy.

I’ve also thought about this “gm” and his offer to me about running the front desk. I think it was all bullshit. A fabricated story to give the appearance that people within the company can go higher. It’s a fairy tale these assholes have tried to spread since they came into power back in 2002. A fairy tale I helped spread thanks to my own big mouth here on the net and in the real world. It was all bullshit. I honestly don’t think they ever had any intention of making me the front desk manager. It also appears that the gm’s claim of me being the second in command was also bullshit. Again I’m not surprised or hurt by any of this. I’m more pissed I let my self eat this shit hook line and sinker.

Not that any of this matters. I don’t care anymore. The hotel will continue it downward spiral and not one thing will change for the better. My only hope is that I will be able to get my two weeks vacation in before I quit or get fired again. Of course there is the off chance that the place will finally close. Either way it doesn’t matter to me. I just know I have to get the hell out of the place.

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