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  • Wednesday October 26th 2005
    This Is It 7:50 am-
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    I’ve fucking had it. This morning I was verbally abused by some foul mouthed asshole who thinks that all the people like me up north are rude unintelligent clods who are not able to speak. On top of that this old fuck thinks working for some hick company out of Kentucky makes him special. Fuck him and fuck his company. I hear their cookies suck anyway.

    What bothered me the most about this incident was the fact that this guy refereed to me and the area I’m in as “these people from the north” or “the north”. I just had hoped that this kind of confederate I fuck my sister bullshit would have ended a long time ago. It’s all one big country. Do we really need to keep this north and south bullshit going on? I don’t care if this fucker is from the south. I know some people from down south and they are not assholes. Assholes are a universal thing. This guy who happens to be from the south is an asshole. He could just as well be from Mars.

    Dealing with these kinds of assholes just drives me crazy. But it makes me even fucking madder is that half of the shit this old fuck was yelling at me about was because of someone in the sales department. If your going to outright lie to this sonuvabitch let the rest of us know. Telling a guest that all reservations will be under the company name and then putting the reservation under the persons name is just another example of how the hotel just doesn’t communicate. WinPm reservations call for a persons last-name and first-name. There isn’t any place to put in or call up a reservation by company name.

    So here I’m trying my damnedest to tell this cocksucker that he’s right and I’m wrong. Because that’s what you do right? You don’t argue with them. You take it on the chin and tell them that everything they say is the god honest truth. It just really pisses me off when I’m made to look like a goddamn idiot because someone else is telling this guest a fucking fairy tale. I understand we need business. I think there is a big difference in telling the guest he is right as apposed to out right lying to them. This sales person decided that keeping this old pricks business is so important that they had to lie to him to keep the old fuck happy. I think there is just so much of this ass kissing a person should do. And this sales person has done and gone far beyond the call of duty here. If the nose of this person isn’t permanently brown and has that constant smell of shit I’ll be surprised.

    So this old guy who has already raised up a storm is going to go and bitch again to management. I’m sure this time he will be using me (the northerner) as one of his gripes. Because I’m such a rude nasty retarded sonuvabitch and the whole hotel is like that. I wish that at times like this I was able to record these kinds of nasty ass chewing’s just so that others can hear just how rude these assholes that I call customers really are. Of course it wouldn’t matter if I did have it recorded. The management of the hotel would sell their souls to the devil for business. I’m really expecting to get it for this one just because the hotel is so hard up for business.

    And it couldn’t happen at a better time. Two weeks vacation and then some will be coming my way soon. So I’m going to assume that my ass is going to get fired for this and spend the next two weeks finding another job. Two weeks and I’m saying goodbye to that worthless shithole. My last day will be one for the record books. If by chance they don’t fire me for this shit I won’t be to hard on myself to stick to the two weeks deadline (a guys got to eat). But this is the last straw. This is it, it is all I can take. I have to get out of that place. As soon as I find a job I’m done. No notice. No going back. This time the bridge won’t be burnt. This time I’m going to blow the goddamn bridge up.

    And I don’t have the slightest idea of what kind of job to look for. I do know for a fact of what kind of job I won’t look for. I’m even going to put together a resume, and I hate those things. This has been a long time coming. In a way I really need to thank that old cocksucker for this. One way or another because of him I’m going to get out of that hotel.

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    October 2005
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