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Friday November 21st 2003
Feel The Love 12:21 am-
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The following chat log just makes me chuckle. It leaves a warm feeling in my heart that someone would hate me. Job well done I say. Read the following short conversation and see if you can see why I’m laughing:

Hotel Guy: i found someone that really hates you
Turk: who hates me?
Hotel Guy: the bartender here
Turk: which one?
Hotel Guy: cathy i think
Turk: well that’s just to fucking bad
Hotel Guy: she went on and on
Turk: heh
Turk: about what?
Hotel Guy: she mentioned that you wouldn’t help her on her first day?
Turk: ain’t nothing I can do to help her
Turk: she on her own
Hotel Guy: that’s what she said you told her
Turk: I don’t know shit about that computer system
Turk: well I fail to see a problem
Hotel Guy: what did she want you to help her with
Turk: can’t remember
Turk: I don’t give a fuck either
Turk: they pay me to do the audit, not to help stupid fucking bartenders
Turk: and until the schedule changes for the both of us that’s all they get

I just can’t stress enough just how much I could give two flying fucks if some bartender hates me. It’s a compliment as far as I’m concerned. Let me say again and in bold type no less, I am a night audit clerk and nothing else. I am not a manager and I do not do anything other than the night audit. I don’t help bartenders who are not trained. I don’t train other employees, be it front desk clerks or front desk managers.

I’m sorry these people have put themselves in this position, I really am. But management’s mis-management of the place does not fall on my shoulders. But if they want me to be more than just a night audit clerk they need to start paying for it. And I’m talking about more than my hourly wage. It’s the little things that would please me.

To start I would like a yearly review. I’m not even asking that they give a raise to go with it. I’m just saying go through the motions. Tell me I’m doing a good job. We can work on the raise issue later. But these people don’t even go through the motions. They have skipped that all together. They are the kind of people that would bend you over the table and would fuck you in the ass and then not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give you a reach-around.

And speaking of raises, do you know the last time I got a raise? It was way back on January 18, 2001. How many years is that? That’s almost two years. I find that pretty unacceptable. I suppose it could be worse. But with all of this other shit I’m just kind of intolerant of this. We don’t even get paid vacations. Again this isn’t me asking for an arm and a leg here. I just expect my employer to be a little more employee friendly. This current regime has no intention of even trying to be friendly to the common hotel employee. And it shows to more than people inside the hotel. What do they think their mistreated employees tell their family and friends? And what do you think the family and friends tell the people they know? It’s a long bitter line that goes farther than they can imagine. But that’s something I don’t think they care about.

It’s ironic that the fifth anniversary of the day I was fired from the hotel is coming up. On that night all that long time ago I was shown the hatch because I wasn’t happy. It’s ironic because I’m not happy right now. Under the terms of my firing five years ago I should be shown the hatch once again. The sad thing is I think with a few simple and logical changes this could all change. But it’s not my position to tell them what they should do. Who knows, maybe it will change. In fact I know it will change one way or another. I don’t think the change that is going to happen will leave the hotel’s management very happy. One way or another a very simple thing is going to happen. And on that day maybe I’ll finally be happy. Only time will tell, and it always does.

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