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Tuesday April 5th 2005
New Who 2:27 am-
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Anyone happen to see the new Doctor Who tv show? I did. It’s worth mentioning that I did not watch it on tv. No thanks to those fucks at the Sci-Fi Channel. The guys at the Sci-Fi Channel think the new series is lacking. Whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean. So I downloaded the first two episodes via bittorrent (thanks Gawain!).

And before I enlighten you all with my observation on the new Who let me just cover some news items that concerns the good Doctor. Good new or Bad news first? Bad new first. Don’t get attached to this ninth Doctor people. We only get him for one season. Thats just thirteen episodes and he’s gone. Apparently Christopher Eccleston (Doctor 9) doesn’t want to get typecast because of the role of the Doctor. The good news? The show will go on. The BBC has commissioned a second season of the show. Some guy named David Tennant is in talks with the BBC to be the tenth Doctor.

This is what I think about the new show. I’m not sure what I think yet about the newest Doctor. Don’t get me wrong. I’m really happy that this is the Doctor Who that should be on our tv screens. This is a British/BBC based show. I’ll bet money that the new show won’t have the Doctor kissing his companion. In fact if it was up to me I wouldn’t label this guy the ninth Doctor. Nope I would dump that fucking abomination of Doctor Who movie from continuity. That was trash. And do we really need to have ever mention the Master again as portrayed by Eric Roberts? I bet poor Roger Delgado tossed in his grave and Anthony Ainley probably wished he was dead when that movie played on Fox.

As long as they keep the this new Doctor Who free of any “Americanism’s” I’ll be a happy guy. This new Doctor I don’t really have an opinion of yet. Sure he has some mannerisms of the previous 7 (I really hate that 8th Doctor bullshit. It was a dream people, a bad nightmare. It’s ok to want to wake up from it.) Doctors. I see some of the good Baker in the guy. A little Davidson. Hell even a touch of McCoy. The guy is just trying to hard. And the thing that sucks is once this Eccleston finds his voice as the Doctor it will be to late.

It’s just the story that worries me. Sure it’s only two episodes into it. But so far theres this mystery surrounding the Doctor. A mention of a War he fought in in the first episode that pops back up in the second. And it’s revealed that the timelords and their planet are gone. I just hope that this new show doesn’t forget the history of Doctor Who. And god forbid they actually run with plot elements from that damn movie. I have faith that the new show will do the right thing. Of course as it is with the Doctor only time will tell.

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