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Friday September 3rd 2004
WoW Stress Test Stress! 1:46 am-
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The World of Warcraft stress test beta is live and running. I had many worries about playing during this stress test. Some of these worries were put to rest. Some of them are just annoying.

I assumed that there would be one server. I could just imagine the lag on this one server in my mind. Thankfully there are quite a few servers to chose from. Both the normal and PvP servers are choices. Also I swear that performance on these stress test servers are much better than on the closed beta servers. I was getting over 100 fps on the stress test server I joined. On the beta server I get around 30-50 fps. Maybe Blizzard tweaked some stuff here and the next time I log in on the closed beta server it will be all good.

Now my biggest worry and something that just annoys the shit out of me is all of the god damn newbs playing this game. It’s just fucking chaos on this stress test server. The newb area is swarming with people. It’s standing room only around all of the mob camps. And the majority of these people must have never played a mmorpg before. Because their fucking clueless. All of the questions that fly by on the main chat channel are crazy. Where my trainer? Where is this? Where is that? Open your eyes and look around for christ sake.

And don’t get me wrong. I don’t claim to be a power gamer at all. But I don’t have a problem exploring around an area looking for shit. And sure you can say I’m in the closed beta and I already know all this shit. But I looked around and explored when I first got into the game on the closed beta. And World of Warcraft makes all of this stuff so easy. There is no reason a player has to be that lazy.

The funniest thing even with all of the people in the starting areas the game is still fun as hell. So far two of my fellow Dark Age of Camelot guildies are playing. With any luck we will have a guild going tomorrow. It’s only ten silver to get a guild charter and I feel that can be done by tomorrow. The problem will being getting enough people to sign the thing. I suspect I will be playing all day today. But what the hell I got nothing better to do.

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