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Monday September 6th 2004
My First Instance 11:33 am-
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So I made it into my first instance of a dungeon today in World of Warcraft. I had logged into the closed beta server just to sell some stuff from the last time I played there. And it was just luck that a group was going into the Deadmines in Westfall to go after Van Cleaf. This is a big deal because you need one full group at the least to take on all the elite mobs in there. We passed through the shimmering blue portal and did really good until we met up with a goblin shredder.

One Two
Three Four
Five Six
Seven Eight

The screen shots kind of speak for themselves in this case. One by one the party of two (levels 20 and 22) warrior and one (level 29) rogue met their doom and the sharp whirling blades of the goblin shredder. We never did make it to this Van Cleaf guy and it’s probably best. I think Van Cleaf and his men would have handed us our asses faster than the goblin shredder did. All in all it was a fun experience. Even though I died and took a exp loss (in the negative no less). I did manage to get a lot of nice loot that I will sell or send in the mail to my alts.

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