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Saturday January 4th 2003
More Xbox 11:58 pm-
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Well I just beat Halo on the easy setting. I admit it’s not really that much of an achievement. Not much of an achievement on easy, on the higher difficulty it’s a different story. And again I say Halo is a great game. It is one of the better fps on any system. The PC version won’t be out for a while. At least thats the way it sounds. I was amazed how much better the graphics were when I moved the xbox to a 27 inch tv. The old tv was an ancient little thing, compared to the 27 inch.

I also picked up the Xbox game Mechassault. This another game I picked up because of the guys at Penny Arcade. Mechassault is one of those Xbox Live enabled games, which me not having Xbox Live doesn’t do much for me. But it does have a really decent single player campaign. I’m having some difficulty picking this one up. I’m getting there, but I would get my ass handed to me playing online. So I’m no Mech King, but I’m trying.

I need to pick up a good RPG for my Xbox. I have three choices. Two of them are games I already own. The third game isn’t out yet.

First choice would be Baldur’s Gate:Dark Alliance a great game I played the hell out of on the PS2. I’m not sure I want to buy it again. There really isn’t much re-playability left on that one.

Second choice is Morrowind. Morrowind a game I have had for the PC for a while now. A game I still have yet to explore fully. I haven’t even scratched the surface of what Morrowind can offer. I most likely will pick this one up because it’s out now.

The third game isn’t out yet and there really isn’t a solid release date as of yet. But who can pass up a honest to god Star Wars single player RPG? Man not me. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic like Halo is one of the reasons I bought the Xbox. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is another Xbox title that is supposed to be coming to the PC. SW:KOTOR is developed by Bioware. Bioware are the guys who did the classic Baldur’s Gate games. Again a must buy.

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