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Wednesday January 1st 2003
Hotel News 4:44 am-
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Ramada’s new owners put hotel in landmark shape is a Rockford Register Star article that talks about the hotel’s new years eve party. This was a very informative news item. As the usual with this kind of thing here are the good bits:

“We were hoping to get 500 people,” said Kimberly Thompson, Ramada Inn sales director, “but we just didn’t get them.”

And here is one more quote from this article:

“This is my own personal project,” said owner Noor Tejany, who is in South Beloit for the New Year’s Eve event. “This hotel was here for 35 or 36 years. It’s a landmark to the city. We definitely want to keep it alive and bring it to the next level.”

Lets examine these quotes for a deeper meaning.

The first one “We were hoping to get 500 people but we just didn’t get them” what does that say to you? This is a quote from the sales director according to the paper. Now what is a sales director supposed to do? To me a sales director is supposed to get business to the hotel. The Rockford Register Star hits it on the head when it says:

For weeks, the hotel planned but failed to advertise its “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Mardi Gras” party.

I would have to say that this sales director is to blame, wouldn’t you? Again this is just my opinion and I am no sales director. But who else can you blame this on? No one else except for the person who approved this half assed “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Mardi Gras” . Can you guess who approved this fiasco?

Who do you think a sales director answers to? First would be the general manager. Why would the gm allow this mess to go on? Maybe the gm was under orders himself. So who gives the gm orders? Well look no further than the second quote taken from the paper. The owner must have let this failed party come in to creation. Why would he do this? The paper’s quote says:

“We definitely want to keep it alive and bring it to the next level.?

According to the paper this is what the owner said. Well I guess this failed “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Mardi Gras” is his mistake. He wants to “keep it alive and bring it to the next level”, doesn’t sound like he’s doing that yet does it? In fact if you look at his quote from the paper again you may see that even the owner doesn’t have high hopes for the hotel:

“This hotel was here for 35 or 36 years”

Was here? That sentence is in the past tense. Was here? Where has it gone? Apparently even the owner of the hotel himself doesn’t have that high of hopes for his “personal project”? This isn’t a very supportive thing to say when he plans to keep it alive and bring it to the next level is it? It’s shame that a landmark of the city has to be run by the obviously incompetent. Maybe the next bunch of owners that come in when these people finally give up will do something with a landmark of the city. This statement can be the new year resolution of the hotel.

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