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Thursday January 16th 2003
Sales Director Defense 2:31 am-
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I just had a talk with the sales director of the hotel. The sales director who used to tell me how she and “The Dude” would read my site and have a good laugh. The sales director who came to me and actually started to defend her position on the new years eve debacle. I was going to not mention who the person was I talked to, but then I looked at my Standards Of Conduct and saw I didn’t have to bother.

She wasn’t even talking about the hotel directly, she was referring to my news item on the Rockford Register Star article. I hope she knows how much our conversation meant to me. I don’t write this stuff to be liked. I write it to be read. And her coming to me shows that at least one person reads my stuff. She may not like it, but you can’t please everyone can you? What validation.

What this also means is that if the sales director read it, then the rest of them have too. I wonder how the owner feels about it? Then I think to myself “I don’t really give a shit what the owner thinks do I?” Nah I don’t give a flying fuck what any of them think. If I was doing something wrong they would have fired me a long time ago, again. Wouldn’t you have? Nah and “they” know “they” can’t fire me for this web site. But you would like to wouldn’t you? Damn that Freedom Of Speech.

Anyway, the sales director also mentioned how I said the hotel didn’t get behind the Sobos when they kicked ass at football. Her pathetic excuse was that they did have GO Sobos on the great sign. Which is like really white of them seeing how they had it up for like not even twenty four hours.

The sales director informed me that her and the hotel had bought radio ads during the games and also purchased ad space in the yearbook. And I’m sorry to inform that this just isn’t good enough. Support is not buying ads that just are there to pimp the hotel. Ok? Support is the Dairy Ripple. Next time you drive by that place take a look what they have on their sign still.

You still laughing now?

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