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Tuesday July 7th 1998
A Talk With The F and B 3:00 am-
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Being the first top Manager to see the site I had a talk with him to see what he thought:

Turk: Howdy.
Jvlbl: Hey I was in the front office
Turk: doing what?
Jvlbl: just hanging
Turk: so what part or parts do you think I am misinformed on?
Jvlbl: our AGM and the chicago position
Turk: That came from her mouth
Jvlbl: she was telling a little white L**
Turk: any thing else in particular
Jvlbl: or just not the whole story
Turk: What else did you object to?
Jvlbl: also the night manager positoin was done away with
Turk: Did I say otherwise?
Jvlbl: no I guess not (sorry)
Turk: Its ok. I have had the site for eight months now. I forget some of it.
Jvlbl: and in gm’s defence he’s really not all bad
Turk: I don’t think he’s bad. I’m just poking fun at him and his job.
Jvlbl: and i thought it was good
Turk: thanks
Turk: Anything you think I should revise from a managment point of view?
Jvlbl: can i be on the non excriment management list
Turk: Surething.
Jvlbl: what a guy
Turk: that was written in anger.
Jvlbl: come on now
Turk: Really.
Jvlbl: why
Turk: Because I got written up for sitting down after nine hours.
Jvlbl: that was not good and i know who did it and she told me she did it when she did it and i told her that i disagreed
Turk: She was doing what she thought was right.
Jvlbl: but who the hell am i?
Jvlbl: true, but not looking at the big picture. but i wasn’t there so i don’t know the details
Turk: Nor was I.
Jvlbl: anyway…….gotta roll lots o things to do i’m a busy busy guy
Turk: See ya.
Jvlbl: next mod shift

So there you have it, non-excrement.

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