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Thursday July 9th 1998
Fan Mail 3:00 am-
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Hello again dear employees. I have been meaning to post a bit of fan mail that I have gotten. I couldn’t figure out how to get my mail, but Turk was kind enough to tell me how. So with out further ado, I give you my first fan mail:

dear g man

I would like to congratulate you on the timeliness of your letters being posted on the net, to bad i can not say the same for your evaluations to employee’s. Let us not even bring up raises. Now I know you do not feel employee’s have the right or even the ability to think, but amazingly enough, to day while shoveling coal into the boilers during my 15hr shift a thought came to me. There may be a cost savings to the hotel if we up dated our heating system to a natural gas system, that way we would not have to pay me to shovel coal all day and I may have time to code my bosses invoices for Paula. I know this is a little radical, to go from the 1800’s right into the 1950’s but I just thought i would bring this idea to your attention. I know I am not worthy to be granted such excessive amounts of time off in a day, but you should be happy that on my time off I spend some of my time trying to keep up on the goings on at the hotel.

Your Groveling Employee


So there you have it my dear employees. I am a little disappointed that more have not sent me feedback on my letters. Please send all e-mail to me at gman@hotelblues.com.

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