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Monday February 2nd 1998
Hung Over 3:00 am-
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I have a HUGE headache. I never bought film for my camera. That’s ok, one of the guys there was kind enough to let me use his. So I still got a few pictures. Did I mention my HUGE fucking headache?

The party started as all of them do, slow that is. The first hour is dead. Its dead because you are not liquored up enough to talk to people you don’t like. So it goes slow. I started good, had one drink. Just one drink. And then some Mountain Dew. I had it set in my mind that I wouldn’t get shit faced. I did good for a few hours.

There’s something about vodka and orange juice thats doesn’t agree with me. Seems like every time I drink the stuff I get drunk beyond belief. Maybe its the vodka. But Bond never had nights like mine. No, this limey bastard he drinks the shit by the crate. You never see him in one of his movies bent over a toilet puking his guts out. Of course if he did I’m sure his tux is vomit proof, that Q is a hell of a guy.

Ok I didn’t mind getting that food out of my system. That never hurts to get HI food out of you if you are stupid enough to eat the slop we serve. In fact I think 9 out of every 10 doctors recommend just this.

Other than that I had fun. Drank a little, danced a little, and ate some swill. It could of been a worse night. How you ask? A certain Assistant General Manager and future Front Desk Manager could have been there. The FDM was working for us poor desk clerks. Such a nice guy doing that for us. Swell guy. He’s just great. As for the Assistant General Manager she never showed up and no one asked where she was.

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