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Friday February 6th 1998
This And That 3:00 am-
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One of the cooks walked off the job today. Everyone is so happy at the hotel. Supposedly the guy had a run in with the restaurant manager. What happened (and this was from the F&B’s mouth) was this: The cook was asked by the restaurant manager to put out the buffet early. Just about 5 to ten minutes early. Well this guy takes his spatula and apron and throws them on the floor. He walked just because he was asked to put food out 5 minutes early. Hah! I have took a lot more than that and have not quit or walked out. Sure I would like to, but you got to make money. The stupid job is better than no job. But I digress.

On a sad note I learned that the husband of our old Frontdesk Manager passed away. The poor guy has not been well. Since no one around the place remembers her, besides me and two or three other people. Not that any really cares. But I think its to bad.

Another thing. Only my cousin from up north has taken a look at this joke of a webpage. You people I work with are bad. Thanks Aaron.

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