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Sunday February 22nd 1998
The Old Days 3:00 am-
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A few days ago I got pissed about how something’s are done half-assed by my co-workers. so I decided to write down what is was that they were doing wrong. There is only four items, but they are important. So I left it with the soon to be front Desk Manager. When I came in the next day to pick up my paycheck I asked Mosher (the Accountant) if they got my note and if anything was going to be done about it. She told me that yes something would be done. Payday was the start of my four days off.

My Note

So on my first day back I figured everything would be correct, foolish me. These people forgot to do two out of the four things I had bitched about. And as the Auditor it is supposed to be my job to do this stuff anyway, I know this. Its just that in the “good old days” things were done differently.

I hate that every time I think about when it was fun to work at the hotel that I automatically say “good old days”. It makes me feel like a dinosaur. I am an extinct species. None of my kind is left. I miss some of them. Of course the “good old days” were not always good, but that’s a different story. Anyway… In shall we say the “old days” everyone knew what they were doing. The desk was ran by a sweet old lady named Barb. She never gave anyone shit about getting days off or anything like that. then you had a competent desk staff that would generally look out for each other. First shift would try to make sure the place was in nice shape for Second shift. second shift would look out for the Auditors. And the Auditors would make sure everything was smooth for First shift. You get the idea?

When Barb hired someone they would most times end up staying awhile, unlike today when we go through new people by the month or less. Barb also knew how to make the schedule. There was always enough people on to cover whatever shift it would be. And in those days we could work alone without whining and nagging.

Well I’ve lost my momentum. When I started this rant I was ready to turn in my notice to quit. Now I’ve lost the anger, for now. Tomorrow me and some friends fly off to sunny Florida. Hopefully its sunny.

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