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Saturday July 19th 2003
Jedi Guilt 6:27 am-
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So I’m playing the Xbox game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and I’ve been enjoying running around in this rpg. It’s a game made by Bioware, the same folks that made the great Baldurs Gate games. Kotor (as it will be refered to here on) plays more like the above mentioned Baldurs Gate games than Bioware’s other rpg Neverwinter Nights.

And this is a good thing. Really it is. I mean come on who doesn’t want to have fake romances with computer controlled npc’s? And this little point is were I may have a problem with the game.

First let me explain the setup here. As long as you haven’t had your head buried in the sand for twenty years you will probably guess a Star Wars game is going to let you be a Jedi. And I say this because I don’t want to ruin anyones experience with the game.

My biggest problem is I want to be evil. I like being evil. I’m not Gawain evil, but I enjoy taking candy from babies. So I want to become a Dark Jedi. No problem there right? Wrong. I picked this goody two shoes Jedi chick and she constantly rides me about my “so called” evil deeds. And some of the things I do don’t really rate high on the evil meter.

How bad is it to threaten a weakling npc vendor with death so I can get a discount? Not that bad the way I figure it. But oh no, the game gives me a Dark Force Point! Bad me. And the nice Jedi chick tells me she’s so disappointed in me. This should be no big thing, right?

Well I notice that I reload my game and I go and be all nice with this little puss vendor. I pay full price for my purchase and everyone is happy. Except me. I didn’t really want to reload my game. It was some kind of guilty reaction to a stupid computer game character. I mean how bad is my life that I have to worry about how computer characters think about me?

Not a lot really is the answer I expect I will get. But of course I do plan on murdering this nice Jedi bitch and getting some nice Dark Force points for it. Of course the damn game probably won’t even let me kill members of my own party. But hey I wouldn’t be truly evil if I didn’t try.

Originally appeared at Digitalalloy.com

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