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Wednesday October 29th 2003
Training Day 2 10:12 am-
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So mondays training was what I feared it would be. It’s funny because I’ve gone through this kind of training now more times than I care to remember. Call it what you want this shit is all the same. Whether it’s First Concern or Great Expectations. It’s all the same thing. Bullshit common sense stuff. Do I treat a guest like they are a total fuck or do I just suck it up and kiss their ass good? It’s pretty simple, or is it?

And you have to see these fucking video’s they make us watch. Let me tell you they won’t be winning any awards for acting. Which to me makes me wonder what the fuck they even make this shit for. I mean quality of the material makes me question the competence of the people who made this shit. If some fucking chuckle head over at Ramada has no idea how to make a decent movie, how do I know he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to training?

Tonight we get to roleplay. And this isn’t D&D roleplaying. This is that kind of roleplaying that is not fun. It’s the Bob here is the guest and Joe is the employee kind of roleplaying. And Bob has a problem that Joe has to solve. I used to hate that kind of shit. Until I figured out I can have fun with it. Which just means I like to fuck with the whole training process, if I can.

On the positive side it’s cool I finally got to meet the new front desk manager. It’s really cool to see management give someone who’s only been in the hospitality business for three years a job.

We also did the “say your name and what you do” thing. Which is always fun. I said my name and told them what I did. But I was asked how long I have been doing the audit and I couldn’t remember how long I’ve been doing it. It’s been a long time I know that. I just can’t remember. It doesn’t matter really I suppose.

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