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Tuesday November 18th 2003
Hotel Hate! 7:00 pm-
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You know what else pisses me off? When a guest says to me “I haven’t seen you here before.” Now maybe this is some trivial shit here. But I just heard this shit and I wanted to rant. I’m in the ranting state of mind. And the littlest thing could set me off.

Back to the “I haven’t seen you here before” shit. How do you respond to that? Really now I mean it. This is like a training question. How would you the hotel employee respond after a guest told you this “I haven’t seen you here before” shit?

My answer? My suck ass corporate shill answer? It was “third shift works odd hours sir. We do four days on four days off. So there is a stretch of days you wouldn’t see me.” Kinda long winded huh? But this is the way you have to answer this kind of stupid guest question.

Now what I would have liked to say to this guest? It would go something like this “Haven’t seen me before? I have only worked at this shithole for the last fucking decade. Open your fucking eyes you blind stupid bastard!” Or something like that, followed by a psychotic nervous breakdown were I nearly beat the guest to death with any blunt instrument I can find.

Man I have to check my gay points thing, because I just may have to mark my self off some for this kind of negative professional winning attitude (sort of like those gay professional winning words except not as gay because I came up with the term). What kind of points should I dock my self? I think ten points will be fair. 2 more points and I have 35, to bad no one knows what really happens when you hit 35. I guess I’ll get a paid day off or something nice like that. To bad I’ll never really get 35 at the hotel, thanks to the fact some managers have nice schedules.

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