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  • Sunday November 28th 1999
    Year In Review 1999 1:30 am-
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    First before I do anything I have to direct you into the murky depths of the archive and have you read the posts on November 28th 1998, especially the one called “I’m Not Happy.” But come back.

    Now for as long as I do a website this day November twenty-eighth will be the day I do a sort of year in review. This day has of course been picked because of my wicked sense of humor. Then again there is the fact that this day holds personal significance to me. This is a year to the day that I was fired from the hotel. I wasn’t to overjoyed by the prospects of losing my job then, but now I find the humor in it. If you don’t know me, after a bout with a job as upper management I have come back to the hotel that fired me. It’s irony on the base level.

    This period of a year, from November 28th 1998 to November 28th 1999 has been a very interesting one. It’s had many ups and downs. Instead of using this spot to rant or to maybe rub the fact that I’m back at the hotel that fired me and everything is going great there, I decided that I would use this space to give my humble thanks to a number of fine people who have giving me support and just general friendship in some times of trouble. So bare with me this could run for a while, seeing how I have a lot of people to thank.

    First I wanted to thank my family, who bared with me through the six months of unemployment and then the three months of the Amerihost gig. Comments such as “get a job deadbeat” and many others from my brother the bricklayer acted as a much needed emotional support in a way only my brother could give. Also I thank my Dad and Grandma who helped out more times than I remember. I also thank my Dad for the advice he gave me regarding the Amerihost gig.

    Next comes all of my friends who have gone beyond the call of duty. These people are the reason I have such a high expectation from some of the other “people” who claim friendship with me. I guess its not there fault. I have been spoiled. So here it goes.

    The Isley’s have been my best and longest friends. We go back as far as high school. The wife I have known a little longer. These are among the best people I know. In a cold February I was given something to do when the littlest Isley came fighting into this world. Being there for the birth of little Elaine allowed me to pay one of the many debts I owe Troy and Bobbi. I thank them for being there for me during the whole unemployment phase. There has been many times (present included) when these guys would call me up and want to go to the movies or dinner and I had to tell them sorry I have no money. They would end up dragging my ass with them anyway. Having been through thick and thin with them I always endeavor to learn from their example. These are the kind of people that to me are the archetype of what I consider friends.

    Of course after mentioning the Isley’s I have to mention the Smith’s. Bob and Nancy are the kindest, most generous landlords a guy like me could have. I don’t think I can thank them enough for putting up with me during the unemployment time. They are sometimes (in my mind) to nice to me. But when you add the Isley’s with the Smith’s you get the second family I am proud to be a member of.

    Also some people I am proud to call friends are the Stanley’s. They have been wonderful friends for a long time also. The Stanley’s consist of Tom, Carla, and Jonathan. Without them I might have gone mad during the unemployment thing. Tom has worked at the hotel longer than he probably would like to remember. Tom is another one of those that I consider being the top of the barrel in what I call friendship. He is a very nice guy. He is quiet and soft spoken and has never done anyone any harm. But don’t let that fool you. Mr. Stanley has a very wicked sense of humor. You have got to be on your toes around this very smart guy. Which brings me to Jonathan, I have often expressed my concerns about this young man considering me the greatest thing since sliced bread. One of the highlights of that nasty time during the unemployment I got to go to Jonathan’s school for special person day. It was one of those experiences that I won’t soon forget. But I have serious reservations about being one of his role models. Again these guys are some of my best friends.

    Another guy who has been a good friend is Kevin Rindfleisch. I have known this guy for a long time. He’s another one that I have been through some shit with. Kevin was my mentor at the hotel before he left for bigger and better things. I learned everything I know from this guy. There was even a time when Kevin was considered a bad influence on me. How I miss those times. He was another friend that kept me busy during my unemployment. He also has an uncanny ability to get a laugh out of you at any time.

    One person who did show up Kevin during the unemployment is a guy named Jeff Ross. Now when Me and Kevin would hit the bars for drinks, Mr. Ross has more than once showed up at my door with a twelve pack. Me and Ross had a tough time in the beginning, but he is one of those I am proud to call a friend. I also have to mention his lovely wife Cheryl really quick. Wonderful lady. I really mean that. I had tremendous fun at their wedding and the morning after in which I had a killer hangover.

    Well I’m getting to the end of this bit, I only have to mention a few more people. I won’t use lots of space, which is no offense to them. The following order has no significance.

    Dave, Gilbert, Larry C, and Larry W. are the guys that work the third shift with me as security. They are all nice guys. I have to thank Larry W. for helping me get my part time job.

    Paula, Liz, and John who are all some of the fine people I work with at the hotel.

    My good friend Dan and his wife Kim who I haven’t seen much seeing they live in Arizona but are good friends.

    Also I have to thank Chris Saddler (another of my old friends) who signed the guestbook with his take on the movie Saving Private Ryan. Reading this still brings painful chuckles to me.

    Thanks to the Johnson’s, who are Mark, Laura, and the kids. These guys have been good friends before and after the firing.

    A big thanks to Iggy who every once in a while writes something really damn funny for this site. Iggy if you haven’t guessed is an aka for someone at the hotel.

    I have to say hi to Jami who is my counterpart on the audit and who is gracious enough to let me have weekends off.

    I also have to say hi to Jen, who I have been e-mailing for a couple of months now. She allowed me to have something to look forward to when I was down in the hell that is Metropolis, Il.

    Lastly I have to give thanks to Shawn Kennedy for firing me and then graciously hiring me back eight months later.

    Well I think that just about does it. I also want to thank anyone who has viewed this webpage. I don’t care if you got here on accident I thank you for giving me another hit. I also want to thank everyone who has taken the time to sign the guestbook. Now if I have forgot any one please except my apology.

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    Tuesday November 28th 2000
    Year In Review 2000 1:30 am-
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    Two years. It doesn’t seem that long. Here is prerequisite links for everyone to go and check out before you read any further. First on this day two years ago I got fired because of this website. Read about it here. Then last year was the first year anniversary of that fateful day.

    I decided I would use this day as a chance to thank all of my friends and family who have stuck through it with me even when I was at the bottom. Last year I did a big write up, this year I just don’t feel like it. You all know who you are. Thanks a bunch. Without you guys I don’t know where I would be sometimes.

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    Wednesday November 28th 2001
    Year In Review 2001 11:39 pm-
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    Three years. So here it is, that day that has significance to probably just me. Seeing as it is my day that I have set aside to do my “year in review”. The first order of business would be to read the last two years worth. The Year In Review 1999 and The Year In Review 2000.

    This year has been the same. Every year is just about the same for me. I have a well knit group of friends. Friends I wouldn’t trade for anything. And I am the same every year (besides that one summer I couldn’t listen to Billy Joel in my car, that is). The 1999 bit I wrote is a definite list of people I couldn’t do without. The 1999 bit I just can’t top. It really does sum it up.

    This post is a departure from the last two years. The last two years were written and posted by 10:30pm. 10:30pm being the time the post I wrote when I had just got fired. This one had to be done in advance. As I stated last time, I’m going out for a beer at the Bop.

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    Thursday November 28th 2002
    Year In Review 2002 1:59 am-
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    Four years. Man time flies when your having fun. So four years ago I was fired from this same hotel I work at now because I was not happy. That probably sounds strange, huh? This is a day I have forever vowed to never work again. I had to swap New Years Eve with the Dude so I could have it off.

    I use this for my look back at the past year. Past installments include Year In Review 1999, Year In Review 2000, and Year In Review 2001. Per the usual for me this year has been more of the same.

    Of course it was a strange year for the hotel. The events of the hotel being sold was something new. The whole auction and wondering if the place would still be there was interesting. New owners are always fun. All in all it’s been business as usual. Which isn’t a good thing.

    As I said in the first (which still applies) one I owe lots of people thanks. Thanks for just being there. These thanks go to all of my family and friends. And I of course consider my friends family. So it’s a shout out to all of my peeps, be it friend or family.

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    Friday November 28th 2003
    Year In Review 2003 8:00 pm-
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    So today is my firing day. It’s been five years since I was fired from the hotel. Today has become the day I write about the year before, giving thanks to all my family and friends that have helped me make it through the past year. As with the others years not much has changed. 1999 is till the one I fall back on, because I’m to lazy to write all that again. Followed by 2000, 2001, 2002. I do have to add to my first list because I do have some new friends that help me get by (one way or another), and if I forget anyone I apologize in advance.

    So first up I got say thanks to all of the members (past and present) of the Acolytes of Destruction, the Dark Age of Camelot guild I belong to. You guys have all been good friends in the time I’ve been playing. And I have talked about all this virtual reality friends stuff before. But you people are friends (like it or not) and I have come to depend on you guys. I know I don’t play as much as I used to. And I know more than a few of you have come or gone in one way or another. Be it leaving the game or leaving the guild. I miss all of you whom I don’t see on my friends list in game any more. But with any luck it looks like the lot of us will be back when World of Warcraft hits the store shelves.

    Of course I got to mention Gawain. I met Gawain in Dark Age of Camelot. The Big G, what can I say about the guy? He’s crazy. He is also a good friend. His is one of the few sites I visit everyday. We maintain the same schedule and I can count on him keeping me entertained while I’m at work. We have a similar outlook on life, humor, and politics. We agree that Carrot Top has outlived his usefulness. G is just another guy I can’t say enough good things about. While your at it go buy some stuff from his Store.

    And one final thanks goes out to all the goons at the hotel. Because really if it wasn’t for all of you people I wouldn’t be able to keep this website going. The hotel is my muse. It’s a love/hate relationship. Keep up the good work (bad work really, thank god their all a bunch a tards) you guys.

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    Sunday November 28th 2004
    Year In Review 2004 3:37 pm-
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    So today is my day. In 1998 on this day I got shit canned from the same hotel that I work at right now. This day has become a pseudo religious holiday for me and I will never work this day again. This is a time I use to give thanks that my friends and family keep pulling my ass out of the fire. I would not be nothing with out them. This is six years now since that day. I’ve done this “Year In Review” every year since that day. You can read those by clicking the following links: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003.

    I mostly like to refer people to the one from 1999 because it still holds true to this day. Fortunately my friends have stayed constant. And as I say it’s not the quantity its the quality. The people on that list from 1999 are as I said the ones that keep me grounded. I just don’t have the words to properly thank all of them.

    And as I mentioned last year I’m also glad my friends here on the net are there when I do need them. The great group of guys and gals in the Dark Age of Camelot guild the Acolytes of Destruction have been just as good as my “real life” friends. A few of them in particular I owe money and I can’t say thanks enough for the few times I’ve been bailed out.

    I’m keeping it short I don’t want to run on and on. But as always I glad I made it another year. And I look forward to what comes in the year ahead.

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    Monday November 28th 2005
    Year In Review 2005 6:27 pm-
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    Another year has come and gone. Today I celebrate the day that I was fired. I got fired back in 1998 on this day. Since then I take this day to look back and give thanks for making it another year. I also do not work on this day and I don’t think I will work on this day ever again. 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 have all been the previous years I’ve done this little write up celebrating this day.

    This could be the last time I have this day off while working at the hotel. Opportunities may become available if I play my cards right. It would be odd to not be working at the hotel and have this day off. Which makes me wonder if this is something I should celebrate? What point does it serve to do so? Nothing is really gained from this day when I take it off except for lost wages. But sometimes I guess it’s worth it. Just maybe seeing how I’ve outlasted everyone that was involved in firing me. It doesn’t count for much, but it’s enough for me.

    The usual suspects I owe my thanks to as I’ve mentioned in the years past. Nothing to drastic has changed since the first right I did back in 1999. That post is as true today as it was back in 99. As are the individuals I’ve mentioned in the years after that first one. I owe whatever meager success I mange to accomplish to those of you that support me both monetarily and mentally. Thank you and good night.

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