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Friday November 28th 2003
Year In Review 2003 8:00 pm-
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So today is my firing day. It’s been five years since I was fired from the hotel. Today has become the day I write about the year before, giving thanks to all my family and friends that have helped me make it through the past year. As with the others years not much has changed. 1999 is till the one I fall back on, because I’m to lazy to write all that again. Followed by 2000, 2001, 2002. I do have to add to my first list because I do have some new friends that help me get by (one way or another), and if I forget anyone I apologize in advance.

So first up I got say thanks to all of the members (past and present) of the Acolytes of Destruction, the Dark Age of Camelot guild I belong to. You guys have all been good friends in the time I’ve been playing. And I have talked about all this virtual reality friends stuff before. But you people are friends (like it or not) and I have come to depend on you guys. I know I don’t play as much as I used to. And I know more than a few of you have come or gone in one way or another. Be it leaving the game or leaving the guild. I miss all of you whom I don’t see on my friends list in game any more. But with any luck it looks like the lot of us will be back when World of Warcraft hits the store shelves.

Of course I got to mention Gawain. I met Gawain in Dark Age of Camelot. The Big G, what can I say about the guy? He’s crazy. He is also a good friend. His is one of the few sites I visit everyday. We maintain the same schedule and I can count on him keeping me entertained while I’m at work. We have a similar outlook on life, humor, and politics. We agree that Carrot Top has outlived his usefulness. G is just another guy I can’t say enough good things about. While your at it go buy some stuff from his Store.

And one final thanks goes out to all the goons at the hotel. Because really if it wasn’t for all of you people I wouldn’t be able to keep this website going. The hotel is my muse. It’s a love/hate relationship. Keep up the good work (bad work really, thank god their all a bunch a tards) you guys.

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