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Thursday December 30th 2004
Being Cheap 1:22 am-
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I find these kinds of things funny. The hotel’s anti virus license has expired. The place is cutting back anything they can to save a buck. For example as of today when someone checks out only one copy of the bill will be printed. Usually you need two copies. One the guest signs that the hotel keeps and one you give to the guest. So now the front desk has to add to the time it takes to get a guest out of the hotel when they check out. Granted it’s not a huge amount of time involved in printing an extra copy of a bill. But when a line of people are in front of you every second helps. So with all of this cheap ass tactics I wonder how the hotel will fix this problem?

Being Cheap

And yeah I won’t be surprised if they try to do something illegal. Like install a freebie program like AVG. Some of the software on the work computers are not exactly legit so I wouldn’t put it past them. The place continues it’s downward spiral at this rate I won’t be surprised if some major changes will happen.

Also the hotel management are in the process of doing reviews on their employees. I’m of course interested in this because of the very slim chance I’ll get a raise. Of course I’ve yet to receive any review of any kind in a number of years. So you understand when I say I’m not holding my breath.

Also a few days after Christmas the very generous hotel owner gave all of his employees a 10 buck gift card for Walmart. And after all it’s not the timing of the gift, it’s the amount on the card right? And I’m sure everyone remembers the colossal cluster fuck it was the last time these cheap fucks gave the hotel employees a present like this? Hopefully this Walmart gift card will be easier to use than that Visa gift card they gave us that year.

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