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Thursday February 24th 2005
Flashed! 5:24 am-
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I got flashed tonight. Which was kinda cool. I don’t usually go in to work expecting to get flashed. In fact this would be the first time this kind of thing happened. It’s just one of those nights.

But it’s kind of odd. It’s the same deal I have with watching strippers that I know. This chick that did the flashing works across the street at a bar. And I’ve been in the place a few times and know her. I don’t know her well enough to consider friends and shit. But I know her well enough that her flashing her tits at me does make me feel awkward.

And believe me it’s not a case of the chick in question being ugly as fuck. This girl is hot. She’s the kind of chick that a guy would be completely happy being made miserable by her. She’s the kind of woman a guy would be happy forgetting all about his friends and anything else the girl didn’t think you needed anymore. Hawt to use the lingo of the internet.

And you can also believe me when I say that they (her breasts) were very nice. Which I think should be said as it’s not often I do get attractive women showing me their goods. Not that she had them out for a long period of time or anything. But in the few seconds I did get to see them I would have to say that on a scale of 1 to 10 that they were around an 8.4 just for those of you keeping score. Of course that’s not any kind of official ruling more a guesstimation on my part. One would have to do the proper research to honestly and objectively rate these kinds of things.

But I guess this kind of thing is just one of those nervous ticks I seem to collect. Or it’s just that I like being able to only view women I don’t know as objects to be desired over. I’m not quite sure on this one yet. But it’s very odd. I’m going to feel very uncomfortable the next time I go over there and get a beer from her that I can tell you.

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One Response to ''Flashed!''
Ppapared says:
February 24th, 2005 at 10:26 am

Ah to be young again.

Use to live with a couple guys and then a stripper moved in with us. Was pretty cool. Plus being the KM for Hooters, our house was the after place to drink. Didn’t hurt that we had a keg fridge either. Most all the staff including managers would come to our place after work to drink or play video games.

Saw many a good boob job and also couple of bad ones. ;P

I’d take take kind of streaking as a sign that someone up there there likes you. :)

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