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Friday September 4th 1998
Clothes Don’t Make The Man 3:00 am-
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Yesterday the Frontdesk and Bellmen employees got fitted for new uniforms. Now I’m admittedly not a fashion critic and really don’t have any fashion sense. But I of course have a complaint. Because lets face if I didn’t have a complaint it would be amazing. Over all I don’t mind the selections. My first complaint would be that the Bellmen are going to wear the same as the Frontdesk staff. Now a shirt and tie is ok for us at the desk. But the poor Bellmen have to do a little bit more than us. They have to go out and do the great sign and carry room services and stuff like that. They do enough work that they sweat their asses off, at least some of them do. So I think that it goes to show that the FDM doesn’t know what those Bellman do.

Ok now that’s out of the way, here’s my complaint. The ties that they want guys to wear are ugly. They look like Stan and Laurel Hardy ties. They look like goofy cheap Kathy Lee Gifford slave labor produced items. So I would have to guess that a certain Auditor will accidentally forget to wear his. Oops.

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