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Saturday September 12th 1998
The Sign Stays 3:00 am-
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On the 8th of this month we had our big inspection. Now I have heard that when you fail the final inspection that the big guys in Atlanta will not only take the franchise away, but they will tear the great sign down. God that would be a awesome picture opportunity. Not that I want us (the hotel) to lose the brand name, its just I do have this site here to run.

Well after fucking around for thirty minutes with tables and cells I have gave up putting the side by side point by point blow for blow of the last two inspections. Here it is really simple. In march we blew chunks with a 843 out of 1000. Well on the 8th of this month we got 901 out of 1000. So we did better.

On to the next order of business. I was going to write up about how Scott (the oldest Thorpe Boy) is a true to life good guy. I do happen to have proof to this effect. I decided against it though when I realized that if I talk about him I probably would have to mention Ericka a couple of times at least. Well I did a little count and her name appears 18 time on this page alone. With five more references to her on the current Working page. That’s 23 time over all. By coincidence Scott appears a total 23 times also over these pages. That’s strange both of them referred to 23 times each. Stranger than fiction.

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