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Tuesday May 14th 2002
More Bob 10:23 am-
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You see this is what I want. Employee interaction. Employee revolution. Crackhead Bob makes another return:

Subject:WORKS SUCKS pt. 2
I am back again to say how much hate my job. I got to work tonight and I wasn’t to happy when I got there. Every FUCKING table had no silverwear on it I had no water glass again (BIG SUPRISE) and no silverwear rolled. What the FUCK is up with the morning staff. I mean DAMNIT. Even if they were busy, its not like they are busy all FUCKING day, there probably is a period of at least a couple hours that they aren’t that busy that they can role silverwear or stock water glasses or fill ice. Tonight I rolled all of the silverwear that we had and it was not enough for all of the tables. I had at least 15 tables that did not have silverwear on them. When I told my boss that we did not have any more rolled silverwear and only one water glass she told me to put paper napkins on all of the tables that did not have rolled silverwear on them and put silverwear on the paper napkins, like I did when I first started 3 yrs and 9 months ago. It was bull shit. Not once has the morning staff ever had to do that. I come in a lot and see tables with no rolled silverwear on them. Why didn’t the morning staff do what I did last night? I have no FUCKING clue. I also had to wait for the dishwashers to put some water glasses threw the machine so I could set the tables. So the last hour of my night tonight sucked ass. I was so pissed off when I was told to do that. I wanted to say no, but I knew if I did I would get bitched at. So I said “FUCK IT” and did it. Well I gotta go. I will be back next time when something pisses me off at work. Bye for now.

Bob don’t edit out you naughty words. We are all adults. If you want to say fuck, you go right ahead. No censorship here. Exercise you freedom of speech man!

I wonder how “The Dude” likes this? You laughing now?

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