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  • Thursday March 29th 2001
    This And That 12:30 pm-
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    A number of items before I can go on my way. First a big thank you to the Ross’s for taking in. I had a lot of fun. Dinner was excellent and I even told my grandma that I ate sausage! Almost Famous is a movie I definitely recommend to everyone. Especially if you really get in to music. And maybe the cat did get to me just a bit. But It was a trip I needed and I glad I went.

    Second some more game stuff. I told Ross about a game called Black And White. I picked this badboy up yesterday and loaded it up at the Izer’s. It is as weird as it is just awesome to look at. You are a god in this one and the neat feature is that you can raise a animal as a pet. It grows to a godly stature. And it does poop. First time I saw this happen I didn’t know what to think. You could hear the creatures stomach rumble and then it squats. Weird.

    My birthday was ok. I had some fun. Dinner with the Izer’s was nice. Only I wasn’t as behaved as last year. I did tear up the t-bone. Me and my little brother went down to McClintock Brewery and Grill for a few. Free beer. A fine gentleman named Craig had a digital camera and snapped a few shots of the Turk brothers.

    This And That This And That

    Craig has a neat site that you can click here to get to.

    After me and my brother were done I went over to Applebee’s. Megan was bartending and she hooked me up with drinkable booze. No offense McClintock. And that was it. I went home and fell asleep.

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