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Tuesday February 15th 2000
For You New People 1:35 pm-
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I talked to a few of the ladies at work who have just entered the wonderful realm of personnel computing who had a few questions. Now I don’t claim to be a super genius when it comes to this pc stuff. I have been around. So I put up this page that covers how to add pages to your favorites and how to surf to other sites. Now these may seem like a stupid thing to have to show people. But it isn’t. For someone just starting out these are some pretty important questions. So those of you who are already web-savvy can just skip it.

Now another thing I was telling these ladies about is the AOL Instant Messenger program. It can be downloaded here. This nifty little program lets you talk to other Instant Messenger users or even those people who are actual AOL users. So if you want to be able to IM like all of those AOL fools grab this guy.

And because I’m feeling nice here’s a link of the day I borrowed from Blue’s News. The link of the day is a place called The Guide To Being L33T. You have to go and read it to really get it. Of course the newbies won’t get it. Sorry.

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