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Thursday January 19th 2006
Star Wars Empire at War 12:36 am-
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Imagine a good Star Wars rts for a moment. Imagine a rts with 3d accelerated graphics that didn’t have fucked up camera control and many other problems. Push back the bad memories of that other one and pretend that this time it will be different. Star Wars Empire at War will be different. The demo is out right now and you can get it at the usual places.

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The game is exactly what you would expect. No tricky camera angles and 360 degrees of freedom in the space battles. Which is not a bad thing at all. This is a real time strategy game that has a pedigree that is hard to over look. Empire at War is being made for LucasArts by a developer called Petroglyph. Take a look at the companies about us page to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

The demo lets you try out the set of tutorials and a sort of skirmish mode. You will want to go through the tutorials just to get used to the games way of doing things. The full game will also come with some sort of campaign when it ships in February. It looks good and plays good. It is quite a beast if you try to run everything on high and you don’t have an up to date system. But it does allow you to tweak quite a bit of the details so you can get the game to run good even on the older systems. The readme.txt has all of the details if your interested in the actual system requirements.

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