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Thursday March 16th 2006
Sunday Off 6:13 am-
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The schedule for the front desk employee’s was posted on the 11th of this month. It’s only worth mentioning for the fact that no one is scheduled to work the audit on the 19th. Now I’m not one to second guess some assholes who make more money than me. Besides what the hell a three day weekend sounds good.

Now I figured that those fools in charge would catch this mistake. Or maybe it wasn’t a mistake. Maybe they would be switching the idiot to 3rd shift and they would be firing me. At this hotel one can never know. Three days go by. So I finally point out this to the front desk supervisor. I mention to her that I’ve made photo copies (I make copies of everything) of the schedule. I expressed my opinion that the fucking pussy that made the schedule can work audit that night no one is on.

The next day I point it out to the lady who works audit on the weekend. She can’t believe it. I tell her to tell the sheriff if he calls me and asks me if changing the schedule is ok I will work sunday. It’s sort of my way of crossing the line in the sand and daring the sheriff to cross it. Well the guy took his anti pussy pills because tonight when I came in I was now on the schedule to work sunday.

This all is just funny really. I have my photo copy that clearly states the schedule was printed on the 11th of march. I have a photo copy of the changed schedule that clearly states it was printed on the 15th. I’ve dared the sonuvabitch to cross the line and he did. Which it is about time. This is just a matter of acting tough to the wrong guy. He should be acting all tough on the idiot and firing the dumb bitch. I guess I’ve made it to personal at this point. He wants to try to make me back down so I’m the pussy.

Except that won’t happen. See I’m just slightly possibly fucking crazy. At least when it comes to these matters. I left the sheriff a voice mail explaining my position on the matter. I basically told the sheriff to go fuck himself. I just didn’t use those exact words. I’m not coming in on sunday because the original schedule has me off on sunday. I don’t give a fuck who works. When I’m not there for all I care the place can burn to the ground with everyone in it.

Friday I’m going to the HI in Rockford and will be having an interview. No bullshit. This is sounding to be the real deal. A paycut may happen. But when I make 8.75 an hour and get no raises at all I think getting 8.00 an hour is ok since I will be getting raise ever now and then. Plus it’s a real hotel not a shithole ran by a bunch of fucking morons. The end maybe coming and I’m pretty jazzed to be honest.

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3 Responses to ''Sunday Off''
ex 2nd shifter says:
March 17th, 2006 at 2:48 am

Im so sorry turk that you still put up with the smelly crap at “hell hole”. Im pulling for you to nail the new job. Im happy to say that “ITS ALL IN WHO YOU KNOW”, and when you talk to certain people at businesses that your employer (sales in particular) thrive on, business can become bad. I wish i would have listened to you sooner about your work dwelling. take care.

Turk says:
March 17th, 2006 at 5:00 am

I would again like to say that I in no way consider you an idiot number 2. I really do apologize for that. You just had the same thing happen to you that has happened to me. Let it get to you. There is only one idiot. Again can’t apologize enough for lumping you in there with the one and only idiot.

I’ll keep the site updated on what happens. If for some miracle I do get out of the hotel I will be leaving dates and times of when I go out with a blaze of glory. Heh no arson or anything. Probably nothing more than a hardy fuck off and die. But I’ll save that for later.

ex 2nd shifter says:
March 18th, 2006 at 3:05 am

thanks. looking forward to hearing the ending to this novel (your epilogue) sorry for the bad spelling, but one day you should write a book…lol by the way how is the business comming? take care turk.

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