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Saturday January 19th 2002
Lonely Leveling 2:18 am-
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Well I have been playing DAoC some more and I’ve made level 19. And I have noticed that I’m getting better at killing stuff. Which really is the point of the game isn’t it? Now I’m not knocking the game. I dig it. I wouldn’t write about the game if I didn’t like it.

Sadly my hitting level 19 was a lonely event. It was me and three other AOD guild mates playing. These guys were upper twenties to low thirties. Not a peep out of them when I made my level. Usually you would type in something like “Ding, made a level” which would be followed by the others with “Congrats” and maybe a “Woot” or two.

Now I don’t blame them. They could have been busy or in the group channel. But it was a lonely moment. This is why I have to start playing during the pm hours. I have been getting on when I get home in the morning from work. The game really is more fun when playing with other people.

Oh well. I have found a great spot for hunting solo and I made my level there in just a few hours. So I’ll see if my luck holds out and maybe I’ll hit twenty by tomorrow.

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