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Monday November 17th 2003
Late For Work 7:17 am-
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So here it is seven am already and has the first shift come in yet? The answer to that question is a big no. So it’s kind of funny because at a real job I think one would get in trouble for coming in to work late. I wonder how many of these gay points one gets for coming in late?

And sure I’m not perfect. I’m looking at my time card and I’m late some times. But only 1-4 minutes late. It makes me wonder how these people can be over 5 minutes late to work. I look at the schedule when it comes out and I know when I have to be in. It’s pretty simple. But that’s not the case with the people who work the front desk.

I mean it’s not rocket science is it? Does setting a fucking alarm clock take a god damn degree? Maybe it would help if one understood Quantum Physics and all that kind of stuff. Or maybe I’m some kind of genius (or insane even) that I’m able to get my fat ass in to work fairly on time.

Oh well, what can I do? I’m not the front desk manager and I’m sure not saying anything. Not now that they have cut my hours. I can use all the extra time these people can give me. So I say to the people relieving me “be as late as you want” because it gets me more money to blow. And thank god that the chain of command is such a weak link here. I would hate to have management start to do their job and fuck up my extra time. So kudos all around!

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