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Friday February 27th 2004
Chatting 2 5:31 am-
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After iming me every day since the initial conversation the kid finally got on my nerves:

Session Start (Turk:Wannabe Webhost): Fri Feb 27 04:52:25 2004
[04:52] Wannabe Webhost: hi
[04:52] Turk: hi
[04:52] Wannabe Webhost: can you host my forum
[04:53] Turk: no
[04:53] Wannabe Webhost: why
[04:54] Turk: have you even been to my site/forum?
[04:54] Wannabe Webhost: can I see it and what is the link
[04:54] Turk: so you don’t even know my url?
[04:54] Wannabe Webhost: can I see it
[04:55] Turk: you just picked me off the phpBB forum list?
[04:55] Wannabe Webhost: nope.
[04:55] Turk: so how did you get my aim name?
[04:55] Wannabe Webhost: phpbb forums
[04:55] Turk: just at random?
[04:56] Turk: or have you bugged others as well?
[04:56] Wannabe Webhost: nope. I didn’t
[04:56] Turk: so I’m special then
[04:57] Wannabe Webhost: I will block you if you say something else bad
[04:57] Turk: I’m not trying to be mean
[04:57] Turk: you imed me
[04:57] Wannabe Webhost: ok. so tell me… can you host my forum
[04:57] Turk: no
[04:57] Wannabe Webhost: why????
[04:57] Turk: because I said no
[04:58] Turk: I think blocking is a good idea
[05:02] Wannabe Webhost: ok
[05:02] Turk: Hotelblues.com is my site, learn about someone before you try to con them
[05:04] Wannabe Webhost: you put a conversation of me in your update
[05:04] Turk: yeah
[05:04] Wannabe Webhost: why?
[05:05] Turk: do I have to explain everything to you?
[05:05] Turk: how old are you?
[05:05] Wannabe Webhost: 11. and you are an idiot
[05:05] Turk: yes that could be
[05:06] Wannabe Webhost: you are AN IDIOT
[05:06] Wannabe Webhost: IDIOT
[05:06] Turk: I agree
[05:06] Wannabe Webhost: IDIOT
[05:06] Wannabe Webhost: IDIOT
[05:06] Turk: yep
[05:06] Wannabe Webhost: IDIOT
[05:06] Wannabe Webhost: IDIOT
[05:06] Turk: yep
[05:06] Wannabe Webhost: IDIOT
[05:06] Turk: sure am
[05:06] Wannabe Webhost: IDIOT
[05:06] Turk: I’m an idiot?
[05:06] Wannabe Webhost: and delete my conversation
[05:06] Turk: no
[05:07] Wannabe Webhost: ok. diiiif
[05:07] Turk: huh?
[05:08] Turk: remember I’m an idiot
[05:08] Wannabe Webhost: I’m blocking you **** idiot
[05:08] Turk: ok
[05:08] Turk: bye

All this is making think about toggling that setting in Trillian that only let’s people on my list im me. Oh and I’m an idiot. I shouldn’t let this get me mad, but it does. I’m getting to old to have to deal with a 11 year olds shit. He’s blocking me? Jeez that is ironic.

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