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Friday February 27th 2004
Polygons Are Evil? 12:57 am-
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Back to the topic of “video” games. Gawain has his own ideas and I don’t disagree with his overall point. But I do disagree with what he’s forgetting to say. Here is a sample from his post:

The reason is very simple. Like popular music, video games are now tailored to the lowest common denominator. The same people who think Fred Durst is cool also really really like polygons and lens flares and as many high quality particle effects in their video games as possible. And like all of Limp’s music, these games start off really great on the outside, and then go straight to shit when you realize that all they have is “outside.”

While the above could be very well true there is one thing he forgets to bring up. Why are the developers making these kinds of 3d over accelerated games? Other than the fact that the general game buying audience want’s that kind of drivel. I think the developers of these games are lazy. It’s to easy to have the 3d accelerated graphics be the star of the game.

Now I don’t think all of the game developers are like that. I would have to point you to the guys at Bethesda who have a game called Morrowind. You can’t say Morrowind is a cookie cutter 3d accelerated game. It’s a work of art and it has all the gameplay you would need. And I can think of a few other games that have 3d graphics and good gameplay. Granted there aren’t a huge number of them that I could list, so maybe Gawain is right when it comes right down to it.

I still think he’s overly harsh on Warcraft 3. I like that game and have to disagree on all the issues he has with the game. Of course I could be basing my judgment of Warcraft 3 by my wanting of World of Warcraft. I also have high hopes that WoW will fix all the issue he mentions about Dark Age of Camelot. We just have to wait for the game to come out to see if it fixes the treadmill problems of all other mmorpgs and I think it will.

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