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  • Wednesday February 4th 2004
    New PC 8:45 am-
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    So I filed my tax return online and I’m getting a modest sum back. Do I save it? No. I just blew it under two minutes. I had prepared a list of hardware that I wanted over at New Egg and have been waiting for the money to show up in my checking account. The stuff I’m getting is here. The only thing is I have to wait to buy two of the components on my list. I bought everything but the monitor and video card. I will be getting those items next wednesday. I’m like a kid who can’t wait for christmas to come.

    I also have some other issues ahead to face. Like where in the hell am I going to put this new computer? Or more specifically where am I going to put my old pc when the new one is built. I’ve been looking all over the house for things to use (temporally until I can afford a desk or something) as a makeshift desk. I’ll go the milk carton route if I have to.

    And then I have to learn all about networking to computers together. Because what good would be one pc without the net? I have a buffbot waiting to be used in the correct manor. Not like I do now, running in two windows. I don’t know dick about that kind of thing though. With any luck I’m sure there is guildie or two that will be able to offer me advice on this area.

    Now back to waiting. I’ll check to see if my order has shipped a few more times before I go to bed. Man I can’t wait.

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    February 2004
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