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  • Friday February 6th 2004
    Fuck! FedEx! Fuck! 3:26 pm-
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    Fuck! So I go and take a little nap after putzing around from getting done with work. I have been checking the package tracking shit for my computer stuff I ordered like every goddamn hour. And as it turn out all but one item was here at my door and I missed it. Fuck! I could have had my new system built. The only item not on that truck was a new power supply and the case came with a power supply.

    Doesn’t FedEx knock on the fucking door? Or break the shit down to wake my sleeping ass up. Fuck! I mean it’s not like I really really want this shit. No I can wait fucking two more days. Fuck! So I call those assholes at FedEx and say “hey I’m fucking home, bring my shit please” but I’m told some bullshit about how they can’t call the driver.

    Which is bullshit. In this say and age you can’t tell me the FedEx guy doesn’t have a cell phone or something. Fuck use the goddamn FedEx bat signal or something to get this guys attention. And of course the thought did enter my head to jump in my car and look for this prick. He was at my house at 2:01pm and I happen to look outside at 2:30pm to see if any shit was left sitting out in the snow.

    Which is cool, at least the fucking FedEx guy isn’t a fucking complete moron. Fuck! I want my shit. Where is the devil when you need him? He’s got a guy who would sell his soul for a few FedEx packages. But I guess I can go pick the stuff up, if I drive to Rockford and find whereever it is this FedEx place is at.

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    February 2004
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