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Tuesday February 27th 2001
My Average Night 2:45 am-
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Let me tell you about my average night. This is no bullshit, this is how my night at work goes. I roll out of bed at nine pm. Very grumpy of course, and curse and swear for five minutes just because I have to get up to go to work. Then I walk over to my grandma’s to take a shower. Yeah I have to walk next door to shower. If I wake up my oldman there will be hell to pay! So use the hot scolding water to wake me from my waking sleep. More swearing. Still half asleep I some how manage to get dressed. Elapsed time for all of this: about thirty minutes. Depending on my mood I may walk back to my dad’s to check my e-mail and see if any weirdo’s have signed the GuestBook. Then I get in the car and drive to work.

Depending on how long I stay on the computer at home relates to if I make it to work on time. I have the laptop still so I make it in on time. Depending on how early I get to work relates to how early I punch in. The sign by the time clock states:

No Employee Is Allowed To Punch In Until 5 Minutes Prior To Scheduled Time. In Order To Punch In Before your scheduled shift you must have approval from your department head or m.o.d.

thank you for your cooperation management

Really that’s what it says. So I am of course M.O.D. on the third shift and I always approve me punching in early. Convenient huh? So I usually punch in at 9:50 or earlier depending how my hours look. Now just because I punch in doesn’t exactly mean I’m going to start working. Most times I head down to the restaurant to get my supply of Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew is what keeps me going. It’s my life’s blood. If I could I would get the syrup and hook it to a vein. Also depending on who is working in the restaurant I may chat a while. We don’t have to many interesting people at night any more so that doesn’t happen often. By now it’s around ten thirty.

No I’m not working yet. Next I set up the laptop. The thing has to be plugged in to work so I waste another ten minutes doing this. Then I of course connect to the internet. The laptop only connects at 28.8 for some reason and it sucks really bad. But it gets me on the net. So now it’s around ten forty and I do a little work. I print up my reservation listing and rooms available report. Then a room rate variance. And a final balance report. I fake looking these over so I don’t have to do any real work. I do look them over later. The desk clerk by now is ready to leave so it’s just about eleven o’clock. This is when the real fun begins.

On the third shift I usually don’t have to many check ins so dealing with guests is limited to the phone. I try to start the audit as soon as the bar closes. Midnight or earlier on the weekday, around one o’clock on the weekend. So from eleven to one I do the “hard” work. Which is making sure all the departments balance. Now this takes just about ten minute, so the rest of the time I’m surfing the net. this is a good place to stop and I will continue tomorrow.

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