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Sunday February 25th 2001
Penny Arcade 4:00 am-
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If you pay attention to the quick link thingie over on the right you will see I added a link to a place called Penny Arcade. Penny Arcade is an on-line comic strip. It follows a group of friends as they play games. Penny Arcade has a nice style and is in color. One of many that have been keeping me from updating. I just love the idea of the on-line comic strip. There are lots as I said, but only a few that are worth a damn. And Penny Arcade is my favorite. The guys that do it have a sense of humor like mine. Twisted? Maybe. They do a game oriented comic strip. They make fun of PC, MAC, and Console games. Really funny shit if you get into that kind of thing. I of course highly recommend it if you do get into that kind of stuff.

Here are some other on-line comics worth checking out.

My second favorite on-line comic is Angst Technology. Angst Technology is about a game development group. Angst Technology is like Penny Arcade in many ways. They both have a darker comic flair. They both are not afraid to make fun of the whole game industry and themselves. With Angst Technology I even have a favorite character. Dante, Lead Programmer of the company. This is how the Angst Technology site describes Dante:

The linchpin of the company. He’s the kind of guy that if he were hit by a bus, everyone might as well just go home. He is a hard worker, a chain smoker, and has strained his eyes to near nonexistence from staring at millions of lines of code. Some say he now has “binary” vision.

Just funny shit. Go and check it out. Here’s one of my favorites.

Another good one is PVP. PVP follows a group who works at a game magazine. PVP has a nice look, and is funny. PVP is a black and white strip with color Sundays. Yet it doesn’t get me as much as Penny Arcade. Still worth a look.

You see the pattern here right? I play way to many computer games.

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