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    Wednesday June 15th 2005
    Bullshit! 11:52 pm-
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    This last week the other lady that does night audit had the weekend off. Back when we had a front desk manager I had said that I would work the weekend. Since everything has changed in-between that time and now I decided I was not going to work that weekend. So when the new schedule was put out I of course call the poor lady that is dealing with the front desk stuff and I leave her an angry voice mail about how I was not going to be working and that if that wasn’t ok she could start working the audit in my place. Or something really close to that.

    The truth be told is that I don’t care if I work weekends now and then. The other Auditor had some business to take care of out of town so I would have worked anyway if they would have tried to tell her she could have her days off. But as it turns out my bluff wasn’t taken as a bluff. They gave me my normal days off and talked the head desk clerk into working. Now he’s just about the only one who knows how to do the audit besides me and the other lady. He was nice enough to agree to work even though he had some things he could have done on the weekend.

    The weekend comes and on Saturday night around 12:30 at night I get a call from the hotel. I didn’t answer the phone because I was asleep. I would have answered it if I was up. As it turns out the head desk clerk didn’t show up at 11:00 to work. Whoever was on till 11:00 called the lady running things at the desk. And once the poor lady running things got to the hotel she started making phone calls. She calls the head desk clerk and she calls me as I had previously stated. As it turns out the head desk clerk simply over slept. Understandable really as the third shift is not his normal shift. He finally got into work around 2 o’clock in the morning.

    Now as it turns out the people in charge at the hotel wrote up the head front desk clerk for being late on Saturday. Which I think is a mistake on their part. He was helping out working a shift he doesn’t do normally. He was doing the hotel a favor and this is how they repay him? Now I have given the guy my advice on what he needs to do from now on. The next time they ask him to fill in on a shift he doesn’t work normally he should tell them to go fuck themselves.

    I hope they realize what they are doing. I will not work unless it’s the days I’m scheduled to work. You see they get what they pay for. All they need to do is look and see the last time I got a raise to understand my unwillingness to work shifts other than what I’m scheduled for. Which is why I say writing him up is a bad idea. He is a nice guy and is willing to fill in. And then theres me who is not willing at all to help out.

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    3 Responses to ''Bullshit!''
    XMOD says:
    June 16th, 2005 at 7:24 am

    Brother…….in the BIG picture of Life, if you’re not part of the solution….you’re part of the problem!
    At 30-something you have to quit using Idealism (READ:Your Ideals only!)as a disguise for all your negativity (dark side). Take every opportunity, in every waking moment,to “Create..not Destroy”.
    Remember – W.W.J.D.

    Turk says:
    June 16th, 2005 at 8:45 am

    Take every opportunity, in every waking moment,to “Create..not Destroy�.

    Yeah ok. I’ll get right on that.

    PsychoAuditor says:
    June 17th, 2005 at 10:29 pm


    Doesn’t this website count as a creation? A positive way to vent stress, anxiety, fears, anger, ect…. Has to count for something. You know, a solution to the problem.

    Working in the Hospitality industry can be a bumpy ride, but you might as well keep the rose colored glasses on because you wouldn’t understand. If you do work at a hotel, however, feel free to pass whatever you’re smokin….

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