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Tuesday March 28th 2006
No Punch 2:48 am-
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The hotel has a new system for punching in and out. It one of those fancy biometric deals. Scan your finger print to punch in. It sounds great on paper. The idea of punching others in is not so easy with this new system. Now one would have to cut the persons finger off to punch them in.

But as with all new things there are bugs to be found in the system. First off the pc running the software and Win XP is way to old. Secondly the management assholes have to work on the way the software restricts punching in and out.

Below you will see two examples of this. First shot shows how it won’t let me punch in because I’m into overtime. Without a supervisor password I can not punch in. Second shot shows what happens when a person tried to milk the clock, wanting supervisor approval to clock out.

One Two

At this time we are still using the old fashioned time clock to punch in and out on. Once this new system goes live (if it does) the question is what do you do if it won’t let you punch in (or out)? I’ll be going home. But that’s me. Very shortly I will have a detailed post on a major exploit regarding this new system. I will be showing everyone how to exploit this flaw and I even have a video that clearly shows how it is done.

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