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Monday June 12th 2006
Work Log 11:13 pm-
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This entry is a log as it happens of my night of “work”:

  • 10:53 pm-Typing this as I get dressed for work. Running late as usual. Must leave by 10:55pm or I will be late.
  • 10:56 pm-Leaving for work. Going to be late again. Of course if I hadn’t typed this I would have been on time.
  • 10:58 pm-Actually pull out of drive way.
  • 11:05 pm-Punch in at work.
  • 11:14 pm-Publish this entry
  • 11:22 pm-Gather the folders of the desk clerks who worked today. Tossed aside until I pull their paper work later on.
  • 11:24 pm-Printed House Count Report, Cancellation/Denials Report, Credit Limit Exception Report, Daily Activity Report, and the No Show Report. All of these reports go to the Sheriff.
  • 11:26 pm-Turned first only walk in away. They didn’t like the rate of 79.00 plus tax. It’s a shame I don’t haggle with these assholes.
  • 11:30 pm-Started to count my cash drawer.
  • 11:37 pm-Finished counting the cash drawer, one phone call interrupted me.
  • 11:43 pm-Call from above some sort of crazy stalker bitch. Guest requested she be told they are taking no more calls. Usual kind of thing for the clientele of this hotel.
  • 11:47 pm-Took paper work out of folders so I can start to balance the credit cards.
  • 11:51 pm-Took reports printed earlier and use them to balance credit cards now that the paper work is all sorted.
  • 11:53 pm-Credit cards balanced. I take all the paper work and folders and chuck them aside till later.
  • 11:57 pm-Time to disconnect the shitty cendant provided isp so I can hook up the good charter provided wireless isp.
  • 12:02 am-The wireless bridge finally resolves the ip address and I’m on the good net!
  • 12:03 am-Boot up Trillian.
  • 12:13 am-Preparing for actual audit done by computer. I print a Guest Name List and the Clean and Vacant Room List.
  • 12:16 am-Room and Tax posted by the computer.
  • 12:18 am-Cashier Closeout completed.
  • 12:19 am-Began Close Day.
  • 12:21 am-Fired up Dark Age of Camelot. Playing a Bonedancer on Midgard/Lancelot.
  • 12:27 am-Gawain finally logs on to aim.
  • 12:31 am-Corrected my retarded typo. It’s a Bonedancer not a Bonelord.
  • 12:36 am-Close Day is complete.
  • 1:27 am-Asshole Redneck Guest doesn’t understand english. Wanted his clothes which were dry cleaned. The phrase “I do not have your clothes here, please check your room” is to much for his redneck mind to handle.
  • 1:42 am-Logged out of Dark Age of Camelot, for now.
  • 2:05 am-Gawain logged off. No one to entertain me now.
  • 4:05 am-Printed miscellaneous reports.
  • 5:26 am-Transmitted the credit card batch
  • 5:45 am-Took all of the reports and paperwork and tossed it in back on one of the desks like I always do.
  • 5:55 am-Logged out of Trillian.
  • 6:00 am-One long god damn hour to go.
  • 6:11 am-Why isn’t it 7:00 am yet? This thought goes through my head until I leave the hotel.
  • 6:25 am-Time to unhook the good internet and plug back in that shitty cendant provided isp.
  • 6:50 am-Ten minutes to go. Here ten minutes equals an eternity
  • 6:55 am-Five minutes to go. A pattern emerges?
  • 6:56 am-Four minutes to go.
  • 6:57 am-Three minutes to go.
  • 6:58 am-Two.
  • 6:59 am-One. Hurray first shift is here!
  • 7:00 am-Take me home Jesus!
  • 7:12 am-Home and I wonder did I punch out? Don’t really care. I’m home.

And that is my usual night.

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