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Thursday March 19th 2009
DnD 4E 5:24 am-
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So I’ve been listening to these DnD podcasts were the Penny Arcade guys play the new Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition. The first episode is here and the rest you can find at the D&D podcast page. There is two series now of these guys playing the 4th Edition and it sounds like they are having a lot of fun. Slowly over the time I’ve listened to them all the desire to play 4E DnD has slowly been building up.

I’ve ended up blowing a hundred bucks or so on the 3 core books the Player’s Handbook, the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monster Manual last saturday. Since then I’ve also picked up a Dungeon Master’s Screen and a Level 1-3 adventure called Keep on the Shadowfell. I have dice from the last time I bought some DnD stuff when the 3rd Edition came out. Of course you can’t do anything with all of this without people to play with.

So I of course started to talk it up to my 8 year old nephew. Who seemed to take a liking to how combat is played using the dice. His sister will play because she like doing stuff with us. I’m using the angle that she can be a Elf Princess or something to hook her in. Then it’s just having to convince the Newb to play. I had seemed to have him in up until the point I explained all the at will powers. The Newb played the old stuff back in high school and some of these new rules are hard for him to accept. I think it makes the game fun. I hope.

Saturday I will unleash it all on them. After getting a few more suckers to volunteer. It all seems fitting for us all to play on saturday since it is the official Worldwide D&D Game Day saturday. It’s celebrating the release of the Player’s Handbook 2. This is going to be my first time running a game so I’m a little nervous. With any luck everyone will have a good time.

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2 Responses to ''DnD 4E''
The Beast says:
March 20th, 2009 at 6:13 am

That module you picked up sounds alot like the old B2 module, Keep Of The Borderlands. I still have that one somewhere. It’s cool that your getting the kids into pen and paper roleplay. Good luck on DM’ing. I ran a Greyhawk campaign in High School, spent many nights in the basement drawing maps and crap. Fun times. Have fun, It might be kinda tough keeping the little critters interested though. Later. BTW, how do you like this http://index.rpg.net/display-entry.phtml?mainid=3000 I have that set as well. It’s pretty basic, but, it is the very first set they made. Kinda cool huh? Later dude.

Turk says:
March 20th, 2009 at 6:46 am

Keep on the Shadowfell is supposed to be in homage to Gygax’s style. I’m hoping I can get them into it.

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