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Saturday February 1st 2003
Shuttle Columbia Down 3:24 pm-
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NASA Emergency Notice – 02/01/2003, CNN.com – Seven astronauts killed as shuttle shatters – Feb. 1, 2003, Space shuttle breaks up on re-entry and for live video of the Nasa Press Conference going now try MSNBC – Live Video page. All I can say is what in the fuck is going on? I’m watching this press conference and just about shit when Chief Flight Director Milt Heflin says at the press conference:

“this is a bad day”

And all I can think is no shit Milt. But what about the bad day those seven Astronauts just had? George Junior said:

“journey into space will go on”

Well yeah I’m going to buy that George. We will throw money into the bottomless pit that is Nasa when we are getting already to warmonger? Nah I don’t buy that at all. This will be a good excuse for them to cut funding to Nasa.

And don’t get me wrong I’m all for space exploration. But don’t you think that between losing shuttles and all of those lost mars probes that Nasa is the most competent organization to handle our space program. I think the space program needs to be run by a private company. No government interference. Man this sucks.

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