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Sunday May 12th 2002
This And That 4:22 am-
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I went to the barber shop today to get a haircut with Troy and his son. It was the little guys first haircut. Well his first professional haircut. His parents don’t count. Of course the young lad acted like it was some form of torture. I found the whole ordeal kind of hard to watch. I can only imagine what poor Troy felt having to hold his son as he screamed and cried as Jim gave the boy the trim. Jim handled it like the pro he is. Or maybe he was more like the guy who shears sheep.

There was some fuck from Beloit in the barber shop who was making me feel embarrassed to call myself an American. This jackass in the same breath mind you, was telling the barber shop how he didn’t like towel heads (his words) and how he knew the law. That’s the abridged version.

The long. We get there and this guy is talking about how the “towel heads” had bought the hotel in Beloit. So of course I listen to this stupid bastard. He went on to say how the “towel heads” had tried to buy his business in Beloit. He went on to tell how he would never sell to those “towel heads”, but he didn’t let them know that was the reason.

You see this genius explained that if you let them know that was the reason that you would have the whole Muslim nation against him. Also he stated that don’t let them know your a Christian. Because that is a sure way to get them to have a vendetta against you. So I’m sitting there thanking whomever that I’m not a Christian. Not because I’m afraid of the Muslims coming to get me. I’m glad because I’m not one of those bigoted idiots.

You see I have nothing against anyone. I don’t care what color your skin is. I don’t care what deity you worship. I just want to be able to not have to listen to these fanatics. The fact that this guy (the Christian) and the “towel heads” all are covered by those Bill of Rights slipped right by the guy. How can you talk like that? It makes no sense.

But what can you do? And the matter of who bought the hotel I say the same thing. I don’t care. This is the land of the free. The more the merrier. If the Japanese can own most of New York, let these people buy up some of Beloit.

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